Volume 4 • Issue 2 | July 2020

Extending the a Priori Procedure to One-way Analysis of Variance Model with Skew Normal Random Effects

Cong Wang, Tonghui Wang, David Trafimow, and Khanittha Talordphop

Abstract: The a priori procedure (APP) was designed as a pre-data procedure whereby researchers could nd the sample sizes necessary to ensure that sample statistics to be obtained are within particular ranges of corresponding population parameters with known probabilities. Although the APP has been devised for a variety of experimental paradigms, these have all been simple. The present work extends a priori thinking to an important case not addressed previously, where the researcher is interested in oneway ANOVA models with skew normal random effects. Computer simulations support the equations presented, along with a real data example for illustration of our main results.

JEL classification: C13,C15,62F10,62H12