Volume 6 • Number 1 | March 2022

Designing a comprehensive model of organizational resilience in the banking industry of Iran

Mahmood Khajehpour, Eldar Sedaghatparast, and Masood Rabieh

Abstract: Purpose – This research aims to design a comprehensive resilience model in the banking industry for identifying the dimensions and components that can enhance organizational resilience in the industry, which can contribute to the existing literate as a promising comprehensive model. Design/methodology/approach – After reviewing the literature and studying the models of organizational resilience, semistructured interviews were conducted with managers and prominent experts in the banking industry. To analyze the interviews, the thematic analysis technique was used with three coding stages. After designing the research model in two main dimensions of micro and macro management in the banking industry, the relation between the main components and subcomponents was identified by using Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) and DEMATEL techniques. Findings – The study findings indicating that proper observation and predicting the bank’s problems and making suitable connections with the government are two major indicators of the resilience of the banking network, which can realize through influencing the components of risk management, financial resource management and system corruption. The results of this research can lead to the expansion of theoretical foundations of the past research and the concept of organizational resilience in the field of financial services and especially the banking industry. Originality/value – This paper provides the components with a more significant impact, which bank managers should consider the relationship among them to enhance organizational resilience for more effectiveness of their decisions.


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JEL classification: DOI 10.1108/AJEB-01-2021-0011

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